Subcommittee D04.43 on Specifications and Test for Tar and Tar Products

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    D20-03(2009) Standard Test Method for Distillation of Road Tars

    D490-92(2011) Standard Specification for Road Tar

    D633-11 Standard Volume Correction Table for Road Tar

    D1665-98(2009) Standard Test Method for Engler Specific Viscosity of Tar Products

        See also WK24738 proposed withdrawal

    D2728-98(2009) Standard Practice for Paving Uses and Application Temperatures for Road Tars

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    D2993-98 Standard Specification for Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Rubberized Tar (Withdrawn 2003)

    D2994-98 Standard Test Methods for Rubberized Tar (Withdrawn 2000)