Subcommittee D03.08 on Thermophysical Properties

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    D3956-12 Standard Specification for Methane Thermophysical Property Tables

    D3984-13 Standard Specification for Ethane Thermophysical Property Tables

        See also WK40066 proposed revision

    D4362-13 Standard Specification for Propane Thermophysical Property Tables

    D4650-14 Standard Specification for Normal Butane Thermophysical Property Tables

        See also WK45197 proposed revision

    D4651-14 Standard Specification for Isobutane Thermophysical Property Tables

        See also WK45198 proposed revision

    D4784-93(2010) Standard for LNG Density Calculation Models

        See also WK46278 proposed revision

    D7265-12 Standard Specification for Hydrogen Thermophysical Property Tables

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    WK40068 New Practice for Determination of Cricondentherm Temperature, Dew Point Temperature, Relative Density and Compressibility of Natural Gas and Natural Gas Mixtures using Composition

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