Subcommittee D02.J0.02 on Aviation Gasoline

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    D910-13a Standard Specification for Aviation Gasolines

        See also WK3103 proposed revision

        See also WK30824 proposed revision

        See also WK43190 proposed revision

        See also WK43603 proposed revision

        See also WK43867 proposed revision

    D6227-12 Standard Specification for Unleaded Aviation Gasoline Containing a Non-hydrocarbon Component

        See also WK27848 proposed revision

        See also WK30825 proposed revision

        See also WK43605 proposed revision

    D7547-13 Standard Specification for Hydrocarbon Unleaded Aviation Gasoline

        See also WK27845 proposed revision

        See also WK30917 proposed revision

        See also WK36337 proposed revision

        See also WK43606 proposed revision

    D7592-10 Standard Specification for Specification for Grade 94 Unleaded Aviation Gasoline Certification and Test Fuel

        See also WK43607 proposed revision

    D7796-12 Standard Test Method for Analysis of Ethyl tert-Butyl Ether (ETBE) by Gas Chromatography

    D7826-13 Standard Guide for Evaluation of New Aviation Gasolines and New Aviation Gasoline Additives

        See also WK45606 proposed revision

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    WK27664 New Guide for Standard Guide for the Evaluation of New Fuels and New Fuel Additives for use in Aviation Spark-ignition Engines and Associated Aircraft Installations