Subcommittee D02.96.07 on Integrated Testers, Instrumentation Techniques for In-Service Lubricants

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    D7685-11 Standard Practice for In-Line, Full Flow, Inductive Sensor for Ferromagnetic and Non-ferromagnetic Wear Debris Determination and Diagnostics for Aero-Derivative and Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Bearings

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    WK29413 New Practice for Inductive Metallic Wear Particle Sensor for Gearbox Applications

    WK32309 New Test Method for Standard Practice for the Measurement of Flow Properties and Evaluation of Wear, Contaminants and Oxidative Properties of Lubricating Grease by Die Extrusion Method and Preparation

    WK35562 New Classification for Research Report in Support of Revision to WK29409 modification to Automatic Counting of Oils using Direct Imaging