Subcommittee D01.42 on Architectural Coatings

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    D1849-95(2014)e1 Standard Test Method for Package Stability of Paint

    D2064-91(2012) Standard Test Method for Print Resistance of Architectural Paints

    D2243-95(2014) Standard Test Method for Freeze-Thaw Resistance of Water-Borne Coatings

    D2486-06(2012)e1 Standard Test Methods for Scrub Resistance of Wall Paints

    D3258-04(2014) Standard Test Method for Porosity of White or Near White Paint Films by Staining

    D3450-00(2010)e1 Standard Test Method for Washability Properties of Interior Architectural Coatings

        See also WK46421 proposed revision

        See also WK48619 proposed revision

    D3730-10 Standard Guide for Testing High-Performance Interior Architectural Wall Coatings

    D3928-00a(2014) Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Gloss or Sheen Uniformity

    D4062-11 Standard Test Method for Leveling of Paints by Draw-Down Method

    D4213-08(2012) Standard Test Method for Scrub Resistance of Paints by Abrasion Weight Loss

    D4400-99(2012)e1 Standard Test Method for Sag Resistance of Paints Using a Multinotch Applicator

    D4446/D4446M-13 Standard Test Method for Anti-Swelling Effectiveness of Water-Repellent Formulations and Differential Swelling of Untreated Wood When Exposed to Liquid Water Environments

    D4707-09(2013) Standard Test Method for Measuring Paint Spatter Resistance During Roller Application

    D4828-94(2012)e1 Standard Test Methods for Practical Washability of Organic Coatings

    D4946-89(2012) Standard Test Method for Blocking Resistance of Architectural Paints

    D4958-10 Standard Test Method for Comparison of the Brush Drag of Latex Paints

    D5007-99(2013) Standard Test Method for Wet-to-Dry Hiding Change

    D5146-10 Standard Guide to Testing Solvent-Borne Architectural Coatings

    D5150-92(2013) Standard Test Method for Hiding Power of Architectural Paints Applied by Roller

    D5324-10 Standard Guide for Testing Water-Borne Architectural Coatings

    D5326-94a(2013) Standard Test Method for Color Development in Tinted Latex Paints

    D5401-03(2014) Standard Test Method for Evaluating Clear Water Repellent Coatings on Wood

    D6189-97(2014) Standard Practice for Evaluating the Efficiency of Chemical Removers for Organic Coatings

    D6583-13 Standard Test Method for Porosity of Paint Film by Mineral Oil Absorption

    D6686-01(2013) Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Tannin Stain Resistance of Coatings

    D6736-08(2013) Standard Test Method for Burnish Resistance of Latex Paints

    D6763-08(2014) Standard Guide for Testing Exterior Wood Stains and Clear Water Repellents

    D6900-10 Standard Test Method for Wet Adhesion of Latex Paints to a Gloss Alkyd Enamel Substrate

    D7072-04(2013) Standard Practice for Evaluating Accelerated Efflorescence of Latex Coatings

    D7073-05(2012) Standard Guide for Application and Evaluation of Brush and Roller Applied Paint Films

    D7190-10(2011) Standard Practice to Evaluate Leaching of Water-Soluble Materials from Latex Paint Films

    D7306-07(2013) Standard Practice for Testing Low Temperature Film-Formation of Latex Paints by Visual Observation

    D7488-11 Standard Test Method for Open Time of Latex Paints

    D7489-09(2013) Standard Practice for Evaluating Touch-Up Properties of Architectural Coatings under Various Environmental Conditions

    D7514-14 Standard Test Method for Evaluating Ink Stainblocking of Architectural Paint Systems by Visual Assessment

    D7786-13 Standard Test Method for Determining Enamel Holdout

        See also WK42406 proposed revision

    D7787/D7787M-13 Standard Practice for Selecting Wood Substrates for Weathering Evaluations of Architectural Coatings

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    WK32143 New Practice for Visual Assessment of Water Beading on Horizontal Coatings

    WK38233 New Test Method for Dirt Pick-up Resistance for the films of Architectural Paints and Stains