Subcommittee C26.14 on Remote Systems

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    C852-09 Standard Guide for Design Criteria for Plutonium Gloveboxes

        See also WK11529 proposed revision

        See also WK11757 proposed revision

    C1533-15 Standard Guide for General Design Considerations for Hot Cell Equipment

        See also WK19731 proposed revision

        See also WK45239 proposed revision

    C1554-11 Standard Guide for Materials Handling Equipment for Hot Cells

    C1572-10 Standard Guide for Dry Lead Glass and Oil-Filled Lead Glass Radiation Shielding Window Components for Remotely Operated Facilities

    C1615-10 Standard Guide for Mechanical Drive Systems for Remote Operation in Hot Cell Facilities

    C1661-13 Standard Guide for Viewing Systems for Remotely Operated Facilities

    C1725-10 Standard Guide for Hot Cell Specialized Support Equipment and Tools

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    WK24127 New Guide for Fluid Transfer/Containment Components and Systems for use in Remote handled areas

    WK44816 New Test Method for Photon Radiation Shielding Performance

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