Subcommittee C26.07 on Waste Materials

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    C1144-89(2011) Standard Test Method for Splitting Tensile Strength for Brittle Nuclear Waste Forms

    C1220-10 Standard Test Method for Static Leaching of Monolithic Waste Forms for Disposal of Radioactive Waste

    C1308-08 Standard Test Method for Accelerated Leach Test for Diffusive Releases from Solidified Waste and a Computer Program to Model Diffusive, Fractional Leaching from Cylindrical Waste Forms

    C1571-03(2012) Standard Guide for Characterization of Radioactive and/or Hazardous Wastes for Thermal Treatment

        See also WK21475 proposed revision

    C1733-10 Standard Test Method for Distribution Coefficients of Inorganic Species by the Batch Method

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