Subcommittee C24.73 on Compression Seal and Lock Strip Gaskets

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    C509-06(2011) Standard Specification for Elastomeric Cellular Preformed Gasket and Sealing Material

    C542-05(2011) Standard Specification for Lock-Strip Gaskets

    C716-06(2011) Standard Specification for Installing Lock-Strip Gaskets and Infill Glazing Materials

    C864-05(2011) Standard Specification for Dense Elastomeric Compression Seal Gaskets, Setting Blocks, and Spacers

    C963-00(2012) Standard Specification for Packaging, Identification, Shipment, and Storage of Lock-Strip Gaskets

    C964-07(2012) Standard Guide for Lock-Strip Gasket Glazing

    C1083-06(2011) Standard Test Method for Water Absorption of Cellular Elastomeric Gaskets and Sealing Materials

    C1115-06(2011) Standard Specification for Dense Elastomeric Silicone Rubber Gaskets and Accessories

    C1166-06(2011) Standard Test Method for Flame Propagation of Dense and Cellular Elastomeric Gaskets and Accessories

    E2203-14 Standard Specification for Dense Thermoplastic Elastomers Used for Compression Seals, Gaskets, Setting Blocks, Spacers and Accessories

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