Subcommittee C24.61 on Aerosol Foam Sealants

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    C1536-10 Standard Test Method for Measuring the Yield for Aerosol Foam Sealants

        See also WK32445 proposed revision

    C1620-12 Standard Specification for Aerosol Polyurethane and Aerosol Latex Foam Sealants

    C1642-07 Standard Practice for Determining Air Leakage Rates of Aerosol Foam Sealants and Other Construction Joint Fill and Insulation Materials

        See also WK41967 proposed revision

    C1643-14 Standard Test Method to Measuring the Post Dispensing Volumetric Expansion of Aerosol Foam Sealants

        See also WK45353 proposed revision

    C1737-10 Standard Guide for Evaluating Temperature Effects to Aerosol Foam Sealant During and After Dispensing

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    WK23738 New Test Method for Measuring the Adhesion of Aerosol Foam Sealant

    WK30692 New Test Method for Measuring the Flow Rate of Aerosol Foam Sealants

    WK30693 New Test Method for Movement Capability for Aerosol Foam Sealant

    WK36918 New Guide for Title: Standard Guide for Product Selection/Delivery Systems for Aerosol Foam Sealants