Subcommittee C21.03 on Methods for Whitewares and Environmental Concerns

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    C329-88(2011) Standard Test Method for Specific Gravity of Fired Ceramic Whiteware Materials

    C368-88(2011) Standard Test Method for Impact Resistance of Ceramic Tableware

    C370-12 Standard Test Method for Moisture Expansion of Fired Whiteware Products

    C372-94(2012) Standard Test Method for Linear Thermal Expansion of Porcelain Enamel and Glaze Frits and Fired Ceramic Whiteware Products by the Dilatometer Method

    C373-14a Standard Test Method for Water Absorption, Bulk Density, Apparent Porosity, and Apparent Specific Gravity of Fired Whiteware Products, Ceramic Tiles, and Glass Tiles

        See also WK46975 proposed revision

        See also WK47203 proposed revision

    C408-88(2011) Standard Test Method for Thermal Conductivity of Whiteware Ceramics

    C424-93(2012) Standard Test Method for Crazing Resistance of Fired Glazed Whitewares by Autoclave Treatment

    C554-93(2011) Standard Test Method for Crazing Resistance of Fired Glazed Ceramic Whitewares by a Thermal Shock Method

    C584-81(2011) Standard Test Method for Specular Gloss of Glazed Ceramic Whitewares and Related Products

    C674-13 Standard Test Methods for Flexural Properties of Ceramic Whiteware Materials

    C738-94(2011) Standard Test Method for Lead and Cadmium Extracted from Glazed Ceramic Surfaces

    C773-88(2011) Standard Test Method for Compressive (Crushing) Strength of Fired Whiteware Materials

    C848-88(2011) Standard Test Method for Young's Modulus, Shear Modulus, and Poisson's Ratio For Ceramic Whitewares by Resonance

    C849-88(2011) Standard Test Method for Knoop Indentation Hardness of Ceramic Whitewares

    C949-80(2012) Standard Test Method for Porosity  in  Vitreous  Whitewares  by  Dye  Penetration

    C1023-10(2014) Standard Practice for Labeling Ceramic Art Materials for Chronic Adverse Health Hazards

    C1300-95(2012) Standard Test Method for Linear Thermal Expansion of Glaze Frits and Ceramic Whiteware Materials by the Interferometric Method

    C1466-00(2012) Standard Test Method for Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometric Determination of Lead and Cadmium Extracted from Ceramic Foodware

    C1510-01(2012) Standard Test Method for Color and Color Difference of Whitewares by Abriged Spectrophotometry

    C1545-02(2012) Practice for Dispersing Pigments and Other Materials into Water-Based Suspensions with a High Intensity Mixer

    C1605-04(2014) Standard Test Methods for Chemical Analysis of Ceramic Whiteware Materials Using Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry

    C1606-10(2014) Standard Test Method for Sampling Protocol for TCLP Testing of Container Glassware

    C1607-12 Standard Test Method for Determination of “Microwave Safe for Reheating” for Ceramicware

    D116-86(2011) Standard Test Methods for Vitrified Ceramic Materials for Electrical Applications

    D2442-75(2012) Standard Specification for Alumina Ceramics for Electrical and Electronic Applications

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