Subcommittee C16.33 on Insulation Finishes and Moisture

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    C419-08(2013) Standard Practice for Making and Curing Test Specimens of Mastic Thermal Insulation Coatings

    C461-81(2008) Standard Test Methods for Mastics and Coatings Used With Thermal Insulation

        See also WK47423 proposed withdrawal

    C488-05(2010) Standard Test Method for Conducting Exterior Exposure Tests of Finishes for Thermal Insulation

        See also WK47557 proposed withdrawal

    C647-08(2013) Standard Guide to Properties and Tests of Mastics and Coating Finishes for Thermal Insulation

    C755-10 Standard Practice for Selection of Water Vapor Retarders for Thermal Insulation

    C916-14 Standard Specification for Adhesives for Duct Thermal Insulation

        See also WK45199 proposed revision

    C921-10 Standard Practice for Determining the Properties of Jacketing Materials for Thermal Insulation

    C1104/C1104M-13a Standard Test Method for Determining the Water Vapor Sorption of Unfaced Mineral Fiber Insulation

    C1134-90(2012)e1 Standard Test Method for Water Retention of Rigid Thermal Insulations Following Partial Immersion

    C1136-12 Standard Specification for Flexible, Low Permeance Vapor Retarders for Thermal Insulation

    C1258-08(2013) Standard Test Method for Elevated Temperature and Humidity Resistance of Vapor Retarders for Insulation

    C1263-95(2010) Standard Test Method for Thermal Integrity of Flexible Water Vapor Retarders

    C1498-04a(2010)e1 Standard Test Method for Hygroscopic Sorption Isotherms of Building Materials

    C1511-04(2009) Standard Test Method for Determining the Water Retention (Repellency) Characteristics of Glass Fiber Insulation (Aircraft Type)

        See also WK48400 proposed revision

    C1512-10 Standard Test Method for Characterizing the Effect of Exposure to Environmental Cycling on Thermal Performance of Insulation Products

        See also WK33625 proposed revision

    C1559-04(2009) Standard Test Method for Determining Wicking of Glass Fiber Blanket Insulation (Aircraft Type)

        See also WK48401 proposed revision

    C1616-07(2012) Standard Test Method for Determining the Moisture Content of Organic and Inorganic Insulation Materials by Weight

    C1699-09 Standard Test Method for Moisture Retention Curves of Porous Building Materials Using Pressure Plates

        See also WK43539 proposed revision

    C1763-14 Standard Test Method for Water Absorption by Immersion of Thermal Insulation Materials

        See also WK47428 proposed revision

    C1785-13 Standard Test Method for Concentration of Pinhole Detections in Moisture Barriers on Metal Jacketing

        See also WK45792 proposed revision

    E96/E96M-14 Standard Test Methods for Water Vapor Transmission of Materials

        See also WK32890 proposed revision

        See also WK35788 proposed revision

        See also WK46515 proposed revision

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    WK40244 New Test Method for Determination of the Water Absorption Coefficient by Partial Immersion

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