Subcommittee C09.24 on Supplementary Cementitious Materials

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    C311/C311M-13 Standard Test Methods for Sampling and Testing Fly Ash or Natural Pozzolans for Use in Portland-Cement Concrete

        See also WK38494 proposed revision

        See also WK38495 proposed revision

        See also WK42585 proposed revision

    C618-12a Standard Specification for Coal Fly Ash and Raw or Calcined Natural Pozzolan for Use in Concrete

        See also WK42446 proposed revision

        See also WK43834 proposed revision

        See also WK43835 proposed revision

    C1240-14 Standard Specification for Silica Fume Used in Cementitious Mixtures

        See also WK34718 proposed revision

    C1697-10 Standard Specification for Blended Supplementary Cementitious Materials

    C1709-11 Standard Guide for Evaluation of Alternative Supplementary Cementitious Materials (ASCM) for Use in Concrete

        See also WK41922 proposed revision

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