Subcommittee C01.22 on Workability

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    C187-11e1 Standard Test Method for Amount of Water Required for Normal Consistency of Hydraulic Cement Paste

    C230/C230M-13 Standard Specification for Flow Table for Use in Tests of Hydraulic Cement

        See also WK44459 proposed revision

    C305-13 Standard Practice for Mechanical Mixing of Hydraulic Cement Pastes and Mortars of Plastic Consistency

        See also WK44460 proposed revision

    C1437-13 Standard Test Method for Flow of Hydraulic Cement Mortar

    C1506-09 Standard Test Method for Water Retention of Hydraulic Cement-Based Mortars and Plasters

    C1738/C1738M-13 Standard Practice for High-Shear Mixing of Hydraulic Cement Paste

        See also WK42569 proposed revision

        See also WK43763 proposed revision

        See also WK43764 proposed revision

        See also WK44264 proposed revision

    C1749-12 Standard Guide for Measurement of the Rheological Properties of Hydraulic Cementious Paste Using a Rotational Rheometer

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    WK27311 New Test Method for Measurement of Cement Paste Consistency Using a Mini-Slump Cone

    C243-95 Standard Test Method for Bleeding of Cement Pastes and Mortars (Withdrawn 2001)