Subcommittee B05.07 on Refined Copper

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    B5-11 Standard Specification for High Conductivity Tough-Pitch Copper Refinery Shapes

    B49-15a Standard Specification for Copper Rod for Electrical Purposes

        See also WK47914 proposed revision

        See also WK47915 proposed revision

        See also WK50030 proposed revision

        See also WK51076 proposed revision

        See also WK52184 proposed revision

        See also WK52185 proposed revision

        See also WK52187 proposed revision

        See also WK52188 proposed revision

    B115-10 Standard Specification for Electrolytic Copper Cathode

    B170-99(2015) Standard Specification for Oxygen-Free Electrolytic Copper—Refinery Shapes

    B216-10 Standard Specification for Tough-Pitch Fire-Refined Copper—Refinery Shapes

        See also WK52012 proposed revision

    B224-15 Standard Classification of Coppers

        See also WK53265 proposed revision

    B379-11 Standard Specification for Phosphorized Coppers—Refinery Shapes

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