Subcommittee B02.11 on Electrical Contact Test Methods

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    B277-95(2012) Standard Test Method for Hardness of Electrical Contact Materials

    B497-00(2012) Standard Guide for Measuring Voltage Drop on Closed Arcing Contacts

    B539-02(2013) Standard Test Methods for Measuring Resistance of Electrical Connections (Static Contacts)

    B615-79(2011) Standard Practice for Measuring Electrical Contact Noise in Sliding Electrical Contacts

    B667-97(2014) Standard Practice for Construction and Use of a Probe for Measuring Electrical Contact Resistance

    B735-06(2011) Standard Test Method for Porosity in Gold Coatings on Metal Substrates by Nitric Acid Vapor

    B794-97(2015) Standard Test Method for Durability Wear Testing of Separable Electrical Connector Systems Using Electrical Resistance Measurements

    B798-95(2014) Standard Test Method for Porosity in Gold or Palladium Coatings on Metal Substrates by Gel-Bulk Electrography

    B799-95(2014) Standard Test Method for Porosity in Gold and Palladium Coatings by Sulfurous Acid/Sulfur-Dioxide Vapor

    B808-10 Standard Test Method for Monitoring of Atmospheric Corrosion Chambers by Quartz Crystal Microbalances

    B810-01a(2011) Standard Test Method for Calibration of Atmospheric Corrosion Test Chambers by Change in Mass of Copper Coupons

    B812-96(2013) Standard Test Method for Resistance to Environmental Degradation of Electrical Pressure Connections Involving Aluminum and Intended for Residential Applications

    B825-13 Standard Test Method for Coulometric Reduction of Surface Films on Metallic Test Samples

    B826-09(2015) Standard Test Method for Monitoring Atmospheric Corrosion Tests by Electrical Resistance Probes

    B827-05(2014) Standard Practice for Conducting Mixed Flowing Gas (MFG) Environmental Tests

    B845-97(2013)e1 Standard Guide for Mixed Flowing Gas (MFG) Tests for Electrical Contacts

    B854-98(2010)e1 Standard Guide for Measuring Electrical Contact Intermittences

    B868-96(2013) Standard Practice for Contact Performance Classification of Electrical Connection Systems

        See also WK43723 proposed revision

    B878-97(2014) Standard Test Method for Nanosecond Event Detection for Electrical Contacts and Connectors

    B885-09(2015) Standard Test Method for Presence of Foreign Matter on Printed Wiring Board Contacts

    B896-10e1 Standard Test Methods for Evaluating Connectability Characteristics of Electrical Conductor Materials

    B913-05(2010) Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Crimped Electrical Connections to 16-Gauge and Smaller Diameter Stranded and Solid Conductors

    B920-01(2011) Standard Practice for Porosity in Gold and Palladium Alloy Coatings on Metal Substrates by Vapors of Sodium Hypochlorite Solution

    B942-10e1 Standard Guide for Specification and Quality Assurance for the Electrical Contact Performance of Crimped Wire Terminations

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