Subcommittee A01.28 on Bearing Steels

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    A295/A295M-09 Standard Specification for High-Carbon Anti-Friction Bearing Steel

        See also WK45816 proposed revision

    A485-09 Standard Specification for High Hardenability Antifriction Bearing Steel

        See also WK45817 proposed revision

    A534-09 Standard Specification for Carburizing Steels for Anti-Friction Bearings

        See also WK45820 proposed revision

    A756-09 Standard Specification for Stainless Anti-Friction Bearing Steel

    A866-09 Standard Specification for Medium Carbon Anti-Friction Bearing Steel

        See also WK45818 proposed revision

    A892-09 Standard Guide for Defining and Rating the Microstructure of High Carbon Bearing Steels

    A1089/A1089M-14 Standard Specification for Highly Loaded Anti-Friction Bearing Steel

    E588-03(2009) Standard Practice for Detection of Large Inclusions in Bearing Quality Steel by the Ultrasonic Method

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    WK33224 New Specification for Bearing Steels for High Load Applications

    A535-85 Specification for Special-Quality Ball and Roller Bearing Steel (Withdrawn 1998)