D18.26 on Hydraulic Fracturing

    Increasingly, hydraulic fracturing technologies are being used to tap into the vast reserves of natural gas and oil found in shale formations thousands of feet below the earth’s surface. Newly formed ASTM Subcommittee D18.26 will help chart a safe and efficient course for the future of hydraulic fracturing operations.

    An Opportunity to Lead via ASTM Standards

    Members of subcommittee D18.26 will be at the forefront of change in this dynamic field, developing the consensus standards that guide best practices throughout the oil and gas industry and safeguard precious water, land and air resources. ASTM D18.26 will pursue a standards agenda that fills critical needs across all aspects of hydraulic fracturing including:

    • Background site investigation and permitting
    • Well installation and borehole integrity testing
    • Engineering and drilling techniques
    • Management and disposal of drilling fluids
    • Groundwater monitoring and remediation
    • Reinjection of produced well fluids
    • Permanent well abandonment and data reporting

    Shape Future Standards through Open Collaboration

    The proven ASTM process offers the open and collaborative forum where all interested parties can influence the future direction of standards for hydraulic fracturing. D18.26 will bring together stakeholders from all aspects of the hydraulic fracturing issue to work together in the true spirit of cooperation.

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    Get involved with D18.26 today and join your peers from the oil and gas industry, environmental groups, engineering firms, federal regulators, state and local governments, permitting bodies, academia and others on this exciting standards initiative.

    For further information, please contact Robert Morgan, ASTM Staff Manager, at +1-610-832-9732 or e-mail at rmorgan@astm.org. Subcommittee D18.26 is part of ASTM Committee D18 on Soil and Rock. For information on ASTM membership or to access an online application, visit www.astm.org/MEMBERSHIP

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    D18.26 Scope

    ASTM Subcommittee D18.26 on Hydraulic Fracturing will develop standards and promote knowledge related to geoenvironmental, geologic, and geotechnical aspects of hydraulic fracturing activities. Where appropriate, the subcommittee will collaborate with other ASTM committees and subcommittees; private, governmental, and academic entities to provide the broadest possible expertise pertaining but not limited to subsurface and surface site characterization, construction of facilities, borehole operations, drilling fluid management, abandonment, and data recording.