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ASTM WK86866

Revision of D7672-19 Standard Specification for Evaluating Structural Capacities of Rim Board Products and Assemblies


In spite of the extensive and explicit commentary currently in Appendix X4, rim board products not meeting the intent of the standard, particularly with regard to dimensional compatibility with I-joist framing, have entered the marketplace claiming code compliance based on evaluation in accordance with Specification D7672. This has the potential to result in structural failures when incompatible materials are used with I-joists. This problem is recognized by the Wood I-Joist Manufacturer’s Association (WIJMA) which has issued detailed guidelines about this topic: The proposed language clarifies that the standard does not apply to rim boards manufactured from materials other than structural composite lumber, oriented strand board, plywood, and prefabricated I-joists. A note is also proposed to provide a pointer directly to Appendix X4 to make sure that the commentary information is not missed.


Developed by Subcommittee: D07.05

Committee: D07

Staff Manager: Melissa Marcinowski

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Date Initiated: 06-20-2023

Technical Contact: Jeffrey Linville

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