Work Item
ASTM WK86784

Revision of C216-22 Standard Specification for Facing Brick (Solid Masonry Units Made from Clay or Shale)


The purpose of this ballot is to add a footnote to Table 2 Tolerances on Dimensions and to Table 3 Tolerances on Warpage to give the user guidance on the availability of and implications of using units longer than 16 inches (406 mm). Several commenters from a previous ballot recommended adding such a footnote stating that if it is not added, the user will very likely conclude that such units are currently available for use, which may not be true. The C15.02 Appearance Task Group agreed and voted unanimously to add the proposed footnotes stating that it was needed in order to avoid confusion on the part of the user. This is being balloted concurrently so that the footnotes can be included in the same edition of the standard that will include the modifications to Tables 2 and 3 for tolerances of units longer than 16 inches (406 mm).


Developed by Subcommittee: C15.02

Committee: C15

Staff Manager: Krista Robbins

Work Item Status

Date Initiated: 06-13-2023

Technical Contact: Charles Clark

Item: 001

Ballot: C15 (23-04)

Status: In Balloting