Work Item
ASTM WK84792

Revision of D7918-17a Standard Test Method for Measurement of Flow Properties and Evaluation of Wear, Contaminants, and Oxidative Properties of Lubricating Grease by Die Extrusion Method and Preparation


Precision and bias statements for the grease Die Extrusion method will be updated based on the results of ILS 1651, including the addition of repeatability and reproducibility values. There are no procedural changes for this method. Precision and bias statements for other test methods will be updated in subsequent ballots.


Developed by Subcommittee: D02.96.07

Committee: D02

Staff Manager: Alyson Fick

Work Item Status

Date Initiated: 01-11-2023

Technical Contact: Richard Wurzbach

Item: 001

Ballot: D02.96 (23-03)

Status: In Balloting