Work Item
ASTM WK83594

Revision of E2307-20 Standard Test Method for Determining Fire Resistance of Perimeter Fire Barriers Using Intermediate-Scale, Multi-story Test Apparatus


The location of the clauses regarding the time correction are currently placed in Section 14.2.1, under the conditions of compliance describing the “T” rating. The section describing the “F” rating follow under 14.2.2. This implies that the time correction is to only be applied to the “T” rating, which is incorrect. This ballot places these Time Correction clauses in Section 16 Report, in a location similar to that used in ASTM E119.


Developed by Subcommittee: E05.11

Committee: E05

Staff Manager: Kevin Shanahan

Work Item Status

Date Initiated: 09-28-2022

Technical Contact: Herbert Stansberry

Item: 004

Ballot: E05.11 (22-03)

Status: In Balloting