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ASTM WK82786

Revision of D4340-19 Standard Test Method for Corrosion of Cast Aluminum Alloys in Engine Coolants Under Heat-Rejecting Conditions


Section 10. Preparation of Test Specimen, gives special importance to necessary preparation of the aluminum test specimen for maximum repeatability and reproducibility but induces variance by having no screening check of the polished test face for pits. At initiation of testing, the more numerous the surface pit count the greater the likelihood of corrosion product accumulations reducing heat-transfer efficiency and the surface pits contributing to or leading to bigger test weight loss. Also, the current preparation requires no check on the dimension of the test specimen after polishing nor defines a minimum stop reuse thickness for the test specimen.


Developed by Subcommittee: D15.06

Committee: D15

Staff Manager: Ashley Wiand

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Date Initiated: 07-18-2022

Technical Contact: Henry Owusu

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