Work Item
ASTM WK82751

Revision of F3200-22 Standard Terminology for Driverless Automatic Guided Industrial Vehicles


In the Spring 2022 F45 Bi-Annual meeting, a recent F45 Chairman’s Committee Update Meeting, and the follow on F45.91 meeting, we discussed the next steps for the F45.91 F3200 Terminology Standard. Below is a screenshot of the current standard first page for your reference. With the committee expansion and as agreed in recent meetings, we wish to:
A. change the F3200 title,
B. change the scope,
C. delineate the section 3. Terminology into two areas (for now) – 3.1 General Definitions and 3.2 A-UGV Definitions (more to be added when the new terms evolve),
D. move generic terms (terms that do not include vehicle or A-UGV) from the original A-UGV-only area to the 3.1 General Definition area of the document.
Below is a draft of the proposed changes we’d like tofor ballot to the F45.91 subcommittee. We will first make these overall changes within this and committee ballot. In a follow-on ballot, we will make the addition of other sections (e.g., Grasping, Mobile Manipulators, etc.), removal of unnecessary terms, and changes to remaining terms as needed.


Developed by Subcommittee: F45.91

Committee: F45

Staff Manager: Nora Nimmerichter

Work Item Status

Date Initiated: 07-14-2022

Technical Contact: Roger Bostelman

Item: 001

Ballot: F45.91 (22-01)

Status: Will Reballot Item

Item: 001

Ballot: F45 (22-03)

Status: In Balloting