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ASTM WK82280

Revision of D711-20 Standard Test Method for No-Pick-Up Time of Traffic Paint


There is significant variability in the results generated using this test method resulting from the conditions under which the testing is conducted, such as temperature, humidity, and air flow. The current standard provides several options for controlling these variables covered under a single procedure and requires that some of these conditions be included in the reporting of the test results. Additionally, the standard does not adequately address needed direction when testing Epoxy pavement markings using this standard, which is currently being done in the industry today. This revision provides three procedure options that will be clearly defined for the user. Procedure A to be used for the testing of WB traffic paint requiring closely controlled environmental variables of temperature, humidity, and air flow. This is identified as the "preferred method" as it is more applicable to actual field use and deliverers more repeatable results by controlling the amount of air flow over the test sample. Procedure B to be used for the testing of WB traffic paint requiring close control of temperature and humidity, but requires static (no) air flow over the test sample. This procedure has higher variability due to the significant impact of air flow that is not monitored or controlled in this procedure. Procedure C to be used for the testing of Epoxy pavement markings. This revision provides clarity to the user, guidance as to which procedure should be used, and simplification and greater clarity of the reported results.


Developed by Subcommittee: D01.44

Committee: D01

Staff Manager: Jennifer Tursi

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Date Initiated: 06-15-2022

Technical Contact: David Posey

Item: 000