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ASTM WK82073

New Guide for Preconditioning Certified Compostable Products in a Controlled Environment Upstream of Commercial Compost Facilities

1. Scope

This guide defines the optimal controlled aerobic environment conditions to precondition certified compostable products in a consistent manner to help accelerate the disintegration and biodegradation process of these products so they return to the earth in commercial compost environments in a more effective manner.


aerobic; man-made; environment; controlled; degradation; biodegradation; disintegration; natural


It can be difficult for compost manufacturers and consumers to recognize which products are certified compostable products, as a result, certified compostable products can be treated as conventional plastic contaminants and sorted or screened out of commercial compost facilities and sent to landfill, which is not a sustainable solution for compostable product manufacturers, compost manufacturers or consumers. Preconditioning certified compostable products in a controlled environment upstream of the compost facility (such as at residence or business), can help to:
- sort, screen and clean the compost feedstock stream upstream of the compost facility; and,
- accelerate the disintegration and biodegradation rate of these products so they are not treated as contaminants at the compost facility and they end their life as compost rather than in landfill.
This standard guide will be referenced by compostable product manufacturers, compost manufacturers, appliance manufacturers and consumers as a way to precondition certified compostable products to help keep food waste and certified compostable plastic products out of landfill.

The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.


Developed by Subcommittee: D20.96

Committee: D20

Staff Manager: Alyson Fick

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Date Initiated: 06-02-2022

Technical Contact: Kelvin Okamoto

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