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ASTM WK81175

Revision of B987/B987M-20 Standard Specification for Carbon Fiber Thermoset Polymer Matrix Composite Core (CFC) for use in Overhead Electrical Conductors


The overhead conductor industry needs a Standard covering the multi-strand Carbon Fiber Thermoset Polymer Matrix Composite Core (CFC), which is widely-used in a product designated Aluminum Conductor Fiber Reinforced (AFCR) overhead conductor. The current Standard covers only monofilament (single-strand) core.

An ASTM ballot to approve the multi-strand core was withdrawn by the requesters because changes not-related to the multi-strand core were the basis for negative ballots. These negative ballots were, in cases, contradictory, and could not be reconciled during the resolution process.

Proposed changes in the scope of this ballot:
• Correction of nonsubstantive errors in Rev 2020
• Changes necessary to apply ASTM B987 to multi-strand CFC core as previously proposed:
o Add option for 7-strand and 19-strand core (currently B987 covers only single-strand core)
o Modify the requirements for the galvanic protection, with a system well-proven over decades of laboratory testing, field trials, and actual field experience.
o Added Table 3 to provide diameter tolerances for stranded CFC core
• New changes based upon negative ballots found convincing:
o Added lay length requirement
o Added lay direction to Section 5, “Ordering Information”
o Added Note 8, and referenced Note 8 in Table 2, to clarify that to clarify that for processes that require curing after stranding, there is no requirement to test the outer (helix-shaped strands). Properties tests on the straight central strand are used to represent the strands from all outer layers.


Developed by Subcommittee: B01.07

Committee: B01

Staff Manager: Nora Nimmerichter

Work Item Status

Date Initiated: 03-04-2022

Technical Contact: Paul Springer

Item: 001

Ballot: B01 (22-04)

Status: Will Reballot Item