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ASTM WK80735

Revision of F2291-21 Standard Practice for Design of Amusement Rides and Devices


ASCE 7 is the current specification for wind load design pressures in the United States, as well as the historic referenced used by F2291 for wind loads. F2291 Section 8 contains general modifications to load factors, for both wind and live loads, appropriate for ride design based on the ASCE combinations. F2291 currently specifies use of ASCE 7-05 (2005 edition) as the default for load combination equations; this reference is out of date, since jurisdictions are increasingly unwilling to accept use of ASCE 7-05 as the latest edition is ASCE 7-22 (2016 edition). In making this update, ASCE changed the base wind speeds and load factors between the ASCE 7-05 and ASCE 7-10 editions; in F2291 the numeric factors must also be changed to match the same loads previously used. In addition to these addressing these changes, the standard is being updated to allow for recognized national building codes specified by the authority having jurisdiction outside the US. ASCE 7 is still listed among these codes as a baseline requirement when local codes are not available.


Developed by Subcommittee: F24.24

Committee: F24

Staff Manager: Katerina Koperna

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Date Initiated: 01-28-2022

Technical Contact: Christian Noveral

Item: 014

Ballot: F24 (22-02)

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