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ASTM WK80711

Revision of F1867-06(2020) Standard Practice for Installation of Folded/Formed Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Pipe Type A for Existing Sewer and Conduit Rehabilitation


A large percentage of the listed Standards are utilized within a Vitrified Clay host pipe.
Although NASSCO specifications for pre cleaning the pipe prior to installation of the product are referenced in all of them, The referenced NASSCO cleaning specifications do not contain instructions on how to clean Vitrified Clay Pipe in order to achieve the desired level of cleanliness prior to product installation.

On December 7,2021 ASTM published ASTM C1920- 21 "Standard Practice for Cleaning of Vitrified Clay Pipe Sanitary Sewer Pipelines". This new standard contains the instructional specifications needed in order to achieve that level of cleanliness prior to installation of the product. This new Standard also includes OSHA, DOT, EPA, and CDC guidelines regarding the cleaning of Sanitary Sewers.

The Procedures for cleaning VCP sewers are also contained in the “Vitrified Clay Pipe Engineering Manual”, National Clay Pipe Institute 2017 and the “Vitrified Clay Pipe Operations & Maintenance Handbook”, National Clay Pipe Institute 2020. Both of these are also utilized as ASTM referenced documents

The addition of the listed documents and Standard will strengthen the effectiveness of the listed F17 Committee Standards


Developed by Subcommittee: F17.67

Committee: F17

Staff Manager: Kevin Shanahan

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Date Initiated: 01-26-2022

Technical Contact: Kent Carlson

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