Work Item
ASTM WK80565

Revision of F735-17 Standard Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Transparent Plastics and Coatings Using the Oscillating Sand Method


5 Year Review - changes include (1) removing inch pound units; (2) updating summary of test to include that specimens are cleaned before haze and light transmission are remeasured; (3) moving the procedures described in 9.4.1 (cleaning the specimen) to 9.1 and 9.5 (measuring transmitted light & haze) to 9.2; and (4) added 9.6 to ensure testing is completed for 600 strokes.


Developed by Subcommittee: F07.08

Committee: F07

Staff Manager: Jamie Huffnagle

Work Item Status

Date Initiated: 01-19-2022

Technical Contact: Alan Jaenecke

Item: 003

Ballot: F07 (22-01)

Status: In Balloting