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ASTM WK78044

Revision of D7941/D7941M-14 Standard Test Method for Hydrogen Purity Analysis Using a Continuous Wave Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy Analyzer


Summary and Justification for Revisions to D7941 General comments: Some information in this standard was written originally with a specific instrument in mind, e.g. pressure requirements. CRDS instruments are nowadays available in more varieties. The standard shall remain applicable to all relevant instruments and manufacturers. Therefore, some statements have been changed to a more general language After completion of the ILS, a new section 17 has been added with the results and the Precision and Bias statement as prepared by ASTM. Additional changes are listed in detail below, most remaining ones are editorial. Detailed comments: 1.2State-of-the-art CRDS devices are often designed to detect multiple different analytes in one system. Some users prefer these instruments in this application. We want to make sure the standard reflects the current state of the technology and is applicable to all users. 2.2/2.3Updated references to latest revisions/versions 3.Updated terminology to match edited standard 9.1.1Pressure information has been made more general rather than focused on one specific CRDS analyzer model 11.5Has been updated to reflect the change in contaminant limits made to SAE J2719 and ISO 14687 17.New section added with ILS results and Precision and Bias Statement X.1.9Statement is obsolete now that the ILS has been completed


Developed by Subcommittee: D03.14

Committee: D03

Staff Manager: Brian Milewski

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Date Initiated: 08-16-2021

Technical Contact: Florian Adler

Item: 005

Ballot: D03 (22-01)

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