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ASTM WK77502

Revision of D1188-07(2015) Standard Test Method for Bulk Specific Gravity and Density of Compacted Bituminous Mixtures Using Coated Samples


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The following changes were made to the standard: Revise wording to agree with the D8 standard on terminology oCompacted bituminous mixtures changed to compacted asphalt concrete Removed the wording as defined in Terminology E12 from the first sentence in the Scope. The ASTM E12 standard, originally referring to specific gravity terminology, was withdrawn and the replacement standard is not relevant to D1188. The E12 standard was also removed from the Referenced Documents section. Added wording regarding standard units to the Scope section A previous negative expressed concern that Section 7 in this standard requires determining if more than 2% water is absorbed by specimens by using one of two methods: D2726 or D6752. The voters concern that these methods contained different procedures for drying specimens before being used for further tests. A review of these two standards showed: oASTM D2726, Section 11.3 is used to calculate the water absorbed by the specimen and Section 11.4 directs the user to either D1188 or D 6752 for determining the bulk specific gravity using coated specimens when the water absorption is more than 2.0%. These directions do not need to be repeated in this standard. oThe current wording in the D11988 standard indicates D6752 can be used to determine the percent water absorbed but D6752 describes testing vacuum sealed specimens. The percent water absorbed is not part of the testing. oFor these reasons: Section 7 was removed because it a) repeats what is already in D2726, and b) incorrectly references D6752. as determined by Section 7. Was removed from the end of the sentence in Section 1.2. Section 11.1.1, which refers to D2726 and D6752, and 11.1.2, which refers to reporting the percent of water absorbed, were removed from the Report section. The remaining subsections were renumbered. Both D2726 and D6752 were removed from the Referenced Documents section. Added Note 1 to add wording for the use of D3666. Additional changes made to harmonize standard with D2726: oChanged Section 4.1.1 to Note 2. oAdded temperature requirement and Note 3 to water bath requirements in Section 4. oAdded requirement for thermometer to Section 4 for measuring temperature of the water bath. Added E1 and E1137 standards to Referenced Documents. oAdded option for drying specimens using D7227. Added D7227 to Referenced Documents. Other wording changes were made to improve the clarity of the instructions.


Developed by Subcommittee: D04.21

Committee: D04

Staff Manager: Ashley Wiand

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Date Initiated: 06-24-2021

Technical Contact: Mary Stroup-Gardiner

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