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ASTM WK77430

Revision of F1193-18a Standard Practice for Quality, Manufacture, and Construction of Amusement Rides and Devices


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This ballot was issued during the last balloting cycle and received negative votes. We reached out to previous negative voters for input and edited the proposed language. This proposed change is needed since there have been occurrences where a hazard has been exposed and manufacturer has not responded upon notification by owner/operator of an incident, failure, or malfunction. Proposed change in F1193 is needed to ensure that manufacturers understand their responsibility to respond with findings and pertinent information and/or actions to align with F770 section 7.5 below. 7.5. Notification of ManufacturerThe owner/operator of an amusement ride or device shall promptly notify the manufacturer of an incident, failure, or malfunction which, in the owner/operators judgment, affects the continued proper operation of the amusement ride or device and is information of which the manufacturer should be aware.


Developed by Subcommittee: F24.24

Committee: F24

Staff Manager: Katerina Koperna

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Date Initiated: 06-18-2021

Technical Contact: Curt Panter

Item: 003

Ballot: F24 (21-04)

Status: Withdrawn From Balloting

Item: 008

Ballot: F24 (21-06)

Status: Negative Votes Need Resolution

Item: 005

Ballot: F24 (21-07)

Status: Negative Votes Need Resolution

Item: 002

Ballot: F24 (22-02)

Status: Ballot Item Approved