Work Item
ASTM WK77232

Revision of F3047M-15 Standard Guide for High Demand Hip Simulator Wear Testing of Hard-on-hard Articulations


Revision to this standard based on output of periodic 5-year review. The standard was balloted for approval as in 2020 and some negative votes in a main and subcommittee ballot were found persuasive. Some clerical updates have been proposed and incorporated throughout, and references corrected, and some additional comments addressed. Biocompatibility is outside the scope of this standard, but some language was added to section 7.7 to discuss reference to those other methods.


Developed by Subcommittee: F04.22

Committee: F04

Staff Manager: Kathleen Chalfin

Work Item Status

Date Initiated: 06-08-2021

Technical Contact: Michael Lowry

Item: 006

Ballot: F04 (21-05)

Status: Will Reballot Item

Item: 008

Ballot: F04 (22-07)

Status: In Balloting