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ASTM WK77226

Revision of D5710/D5710M-15 Standard Specification for Trinidad Lake Modified Asphalt


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Change in the standard test methods listed in 5.1: 5.1.5Solubility in n-Propyl Bromide test method D7553 is applicable to asphalts with little to no inorganic matter and is thus unsuitable to test Trinidad Lake Modified Asphalt grades (Table 1) due to the significant Inorganic matter content, 7.5 to 19%. Test Method D2172 (Method B) has shown to be more effective from use and is proposed to be used instead. The source of the inorganic matter is the naturally occurring Trinidad Lake Asphalt Modifier. 5.1.7 Inorganic material (Ash) standard test method change from D482 to D2415. All the Penetration grades of Trinidad Lake Modified Asphalt listed in Table 1 have an Inorganic matter (Ash) content of 7.5 to 19%. D482 is limited to ash content of petroleum products in the range 0.001 to 0.180 mass%. D2415 which is used to determine the Ash in pitch and tar is more suitable due to the higher ash content in these products.


Developed by Subcommittee: D04.40

Committee: D04

Staff Manager: Ashley Wiand

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Date Initiated: 06-07-2021

Technical Contact: Shiva Ramlal

Item: 012

Ballot: D04 (22-01)

Status: At Society Review