Work Item
ASTM WK77189

Revision of C11-18b Standard Terminology Relating to Gypsum and Related Building Materials and Systems


The C11 definition for lath (as a noun) references only gypsum lath. It does not reference non-gypsum plaster bases. The term lath is used throughout C11 standards. Because the current definition is limited to gypsum lath, it is incorrect whenever it is applied to metallic or non-metallic plaster lath. It is preferable to have a consistent, universal definition for lath that can be modified within an individual standard as opposed to each individual standard having to create a new definition.


Developed by Subcommittee: C11.91

Committee: C11

Staff Manager: Jamie Huffnagle

Work Item Status

Date Initiated: 06-03-2021

Technical Contact: Deborah Callaway

Item: 001

Ballot: C11.91 (21-02)

Status: Will Reballot Item