Work Item
ASTM WK75684

Revision of C126-19 Standard Specification for Ceramic Glazed Structural Clay Facing Tile, Facing Brick, and Solid Masonry Units


In response to a previous ballot item to include warpage as one of the characteristics used to classify units into Grades, two comments were received that suggested including out-of-square tolerances as well. Although out-of-square tolerances do not appear to be included in the standard, they are a consideration for other unit types that serve as a basis for double-fired clay units. This new business item was discussed in the Task Group meeting in December 2020 and was approved to proceed to ballot. The intent of this proposal is to modify the text in the new Classification section to simplify the characteristics listed to include all dimensional tolerances that could affect the classification of units.


Developed by Subcommittee: C15.02

Committee: C15

Staff Manager: Krista Robbins

Work Item Status

Date Initiated: 02-01-2021

Technical Contact: Cortney Fried