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ASTM WK75374

New Guide for for Assessing the Compatibility of a Cleaning Brush Part with Different Substrates Used in the Construction of Medical Devices

1. Scope

1This guide describes methods for assessing the compatibility, under prescribed laboratory conditions, of a cleaning brush part with substrate materials used in the construction of medical devices. The method utilizes force testers to mechanically actuate a brush part at a constant rate. This action continues until there is demonstrable degradation, if any, of the substrate. The test methods utilized in this guide are those described in Guide F3276. In this guide, the number of repetitions is open-ended and determined by the demonstrable degradation, if any, of the substrate.


brush part, cleaning, material composition


1Brushes designed to clean medical devices after clinical use play an important role in the effective reprocessing of those medical devices. Instructions for use from the brush manufacturer should supply information related to the compatibility, or more importantly, incompatibility with materials that make up the composition of a medical. This may be stated in terms of being suitable for specific materials, not suitable for specific materials, or suitable for a limited number of uses for specific materials. 1Inspection for wear should always be a part of the instructions for use of a brush. Application of this guide can help to determine suitability with different materials and also information as the nature of any degradation of a material that might be observed

The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.


Developed by Subcommittee: F04.15

Committee: F04

Staff Manager: Kathleen Chalfin

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Date Initiated: 01-05-2021

Technical Contact: Ralph Basile

Item: 003

Ballot: F04 (22-04)

Status: Ballot Item Approved