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ASTM WK74930

New Test Method for Additive manufacturing -- Post-processing methods -- Quality assurance and post processing of powder bed fusion of metallic parts

1. Scope

This standard sets requirements for the qualification, quality assurance and post processing for metal parts made by laser powder bed fusion. This standard defines methods and procedures for testing and qualification of various characteristics of additively manufactured metal parts, in accordance to ISO 17296-3:2014 Classes H and M. The standard is intended to be used by part providers and/or customers of parts. This standard is a top-level standard in the hierarchy of additive manufacturing standards in that it is intended to apply to metallic parts made by additive manufacturing. The standard defines qualification procedures and acceptance criteria where appropriate to meet defined quality levels.




This standard is designed to complement the standard ISO/ASTM 52900, which describes different additive manufacturing processes using a variety of materials. This standard covers the testing of components manufactured from metallic materials using additive technologies. As with conventional manufacturing processes (e.g. casting and milling), metallic parts produced by additive manufacturing technologies have critical-to-quality characteristics. These include in particular density, strength, hardness, surface quality, dimensional accuracy, residual stresses, absence of cracks, voids and structural homogeneity, which are typically tested in additively manufactured components. The quality of additively manufactured components is essential if functional components are produced on an industrial scale. Thus, it is necessary to qualify additive manufacturing processes according to uniform criteria and to apply standardized in-process and post-process testing. Once approved, this standard will have the designation ISO/ASTM 52908.

The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.


Developed by Subcommittee: F42.05

Committee: F42

Staff Manager: Pat Picariello

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Date Initiated: 11-23-2020

Technical Contact: Francisco Medina

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