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ASTM WK73432

Revision of D945-16 Standard Test Methods for Rubber Properties in Compression or Shear (Mechanical Oscillograph)


ASTM D945 Method C Tavdi Co, Inc. June 2020 ABSTRACT Method C is implemented by a new machine, designated as Dynamic Mechanical Yerzley oscillograph V which is conceptually based on the venerable Yerzley Oscillograph. Just as the Yerzley Oscillograph, DMYO-V uses an oscillating beam with weights, testing for dynamic mechanical properties of elastomers always at the natural frequency of the configuration. DMYO-V incorporates not only a displacement transducer but also a load cell. These two sensors facilitate the measurement of the actual dynamic load as well as the measurement of the actual phase angle between the force and displacement. DMYO-V uses a motor driven weight table on its beam, enabling a moment arm that can vary between 4 and 11. The machine can be set up automatically for the desired strain.


Developed by Subcommittee: D11.10

Committee: D11

Staff Manager: Melissa Marcinowski

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Date Initiated: 06-30-2020

Technical Contact: Ismail Saltuk

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