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ASTM WK72790

New Practice for Homogeneity Evaluation of Friction Reference Surfaces used in Pedestrian Safety Analysis

1. Scope

1. This Practice provides a statistical method for evaluating the homogeneity of the frictional characteristics of reference surfaces used in human slip research and tribometry. 2. This Practice utilizes tribometry to evaluate the homogeneity of duplicate reference surface samples, in both as-manufactured and tribometer-worn condition.


tribometer; homogeneity; friction; COF; pedestrian; reference surface


Pedestrian safety analysis is benefitted by the use of reference surfaces that have standardized levels of friction; such reference surfaces can be obtained and used by product manufacturers, researchers, and investigators. Ultimately, "safe" friction thresholds could be based on the friction of reference surfaces. Manufacturing process variability, however, will introduce frictional variation among reference surfaces, both within-unit and unit-to-unit. This frictional variability, if significant, reduces the reliability and usefulness of reference surfaces. This practice provides a statistical means for using tribometry to evaluate the within-unit and unit-to-unit homogeneity of reference surfaces so that informed decisions can be made about the reliability of the frictional performance of each unit. Because reference surfaces may be obtained and used repeatedly over time, wear may cause changes in the surface's friction. As such, this practice includes homogeneity evalution of tribometer-worn surfaces to see if different units of the same type wear at different rates, and to see if different types of reference surfaces wear at different rates. This information could then be used to determine the useful lifecycle of a reference surface, and to determine if (for example) a progressive biasing of measurements can be expected. Though the wear imparted by humans to walkway surfaces is much more significant than the wear imparted by a tribometer, human wear of walkways will be addressed in the planned F13 friction threshold standard.

The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.


Developed by Subcommittee: F13.10

Committee: F13

Staff Manager: Travis Murdock

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Date Initiated: 04-29-2020

Technical Contact: JOHN LEFFLER

Item: 000