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ASTM WK69601

New Specification for General Requirements for Dental Facilities, Equipment, Consumables, and Staffing for Managing Sustainability in Dentistry

1. Scope

This specification entails a consistent and verifiable mean addressing sustainability in dentistry. It provides a road map for individual dental practitioner as well as dental service organization to better internalize their respective sustainability goals and aspirations with day-to-day practice. It also serves as a benchmark for suppliers to dentists and other oral care professionals to promote design, development, and delivery of equipment and supplies with minimized externality. This specification is based on the premise that sustainability in dentistry as a holistic closed-loop transactions of goods and services between the dental service provider, its supplier, and its patient, each plays a critical role in the process. Various options and alternatives are considered within the scope of this specification with the aim of minimizing overall impacts associated with provisions of dental services. Finally, approach and structure of this specification is to set forth general requirements and measurable outcomes with a focus on facilities, equipment, and staffing needs of dental service providers and organizations in order to afford high level of flexibility and to assure transparency in managing sustainability in dentistry.


dental service; management; sustainable dentistry; sustainable development; sustainability; sustainability in dentistry


ASTM Standard Practice for Managing Sustainability in Dentistry (E3014-15), published in May 2015, provides "a set of generally recognized activities governing management of sustainability in dentistry and related dental service practice...". While there are a number of sustainable product level certification standards for various industrial materials and even consumer goods, no recognized standard currently exist that addresses or otherwise fulfills the need of dental industry. In order to facilitate consistent realization of dental service activities and attainment of sustainable outcomes, there is a need among dental industry professionals to establish consensus-based general requirements for dental facility, equipment, consumables, and staffing that are pertinent and essential to demonstrate extent of organizational maturity in managing sustainability in dentistry.

The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.


Developed by Subcommittee: E60.80

Committee: E60

Staff Manager: Kristy Straiton

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Date Initiated: 08-16-2019

Technical Contact: Jennifer Lee

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