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ASTM WK69380

New Practice for Data Recording Procedure for Welding Devices used to Produce Fusion Welds in Geomembrane Systems

1. Scope

Data Acquisition Welders allow you to compile full quality documentation for different aspects of your welding work. The welders can typically be used for production field seaming of 30-120 mil (0.5-3.0mm) geomembranes. You can document welding parameters of each seam as a table, graphic or even with GPS coordinates on 3-D graphs. The Data Acquisition welders can be integrated with state-of-the-art technology such as smart phones, tablets and laptop computers. Such Data Acquisition wedge welders have changed the civil engineering landscape. These welders are robust and dependable for quality welding of geomembranes. The smart welders feature a display with key weld parameters as follows: 1.Wedge Temperature, 2.Ambient Temperature, 3.Speed, 4.Pressure, 5.Tachometer, and 6.Supply voltage. The smart welders have ports for USB memory system designed for use on construction sites. There also is software that conveniently transfers data to computer expert QA/QC systems.


Geomembrane, seams,plastic welding, thermoplastic, data acquisition, process control, QA/QC, real time, close-loop logic


The standard is needed to advance the technology of plastics welding, it will be use by regulators, owners, QA/QC personnel and installer of geomembrane installations.

The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.


Developed by Subcommittee: D35.10

Committee: D35

Staff Manager: Travis Murdock

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Date Initiated: 08-01-2019

Technical Contact: Dave Mclaury

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Ballot: D35.10 (21-01)

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Ballot: D35 (22-02)

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