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ASTM WK66964

Revision of E140-12be1 Standard Hardness Conversion Tables for Metals Relationship Among Brinell Hardness, Vickers Hardness, Rockwell Hardness, Superficial Hardness, Knoop Hardness, Scleroscope Hardness, and Leeb Hardness


E140 was balloted for reapproval without change on E28 Main Committee Ballot 18-03 Item 12. E140 refers to E29 (Using Significant Digits in Test Data to Determine Conformance with Specifications for rounding, but E29 contains two methods for rounding: the Absolute method and the Rounding method They produce different results. It is ambiguous to require the user to round in accordance with Practice E29 but not tell the user which method to use.


Developed by Subcommittee: E28.06

Committee: E28

Staff Manager: Ashley Wiand

Work Item Status

Date Initiated: 02-06-2019

Technical Contact: William Luecke

Item: 000