Work Item
ASTM WK66577

Revision of F543-17 Standard Specification and Test Methods for Metallic Medical Bone Screws


Like agreed in Nov/18 meeting, the changes proposed in ASTM F543 are going to be separated in 3 work items: 1.Torsion Torsion test: to standardize the length of the bit during the test and to allow it to be performed without the bit (by clamping the screws head). This will allow the screws properties to be measured when the bit fails during the test. Also, when the bit fails during the test, we are acknowledging it as a possible result and evaluating its failure mode. We are adding the information that the screwdriver bit that will be used at the test must be representative of the instruments indicated to be used with the screw. 2.Driving torque test: to standardize a length and not a fixed number of revolutions to be performed to measure the insertion torque. Also, for the driving torque test, to make the removal of the screw optional. Thus, the driving torque test may be followed by the pull-out test, for the same specimen. Pull Out test: for fully threaded screws of less than 20 mm, the depth insertion changes from 60% to 100% of screws thread. 3.Self Tapping Performance: Change name for Axial-Driving Test. Include Self-Drilling Screws. Correction of control mode (Load to Displacement). THIS WORK ITEM REFERS TO 2 - DRIVING TORQUE AND PULL OUT TESTS


Developed by Subcommittee: F04.21

Committee: F04

Staff Manager: Kathleen Chalfin

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Date Initiated: 01-11-2019

Technical Contact: Heitor A. Korndorfer

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