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ASTM WK16519

Revision of E648-06a Standard Test Method for Critical Radiant Flux of Floor-Covering Systems Using a Radiant Heat Energy Source


Item 1- When the section on the initial procedure was amended following the 2003 edition of ASTM E 648, the wording was changed and the section states (in the 2006a edition) that the pilot burner needs to be moved above the test specimen, when it really needs to be moved away. Different manufacturers move the ignition burner up or sideways, and it makes no difference. The 2006a wording would make equipment which moves the burner sideways not in compliance. This proposed revision will correct this.

Item 2 - Time zero is currently defined in Terminology, Section 3.2.4, which is somewhat difficult to locate because it is included with the definition for flame-out. The task group recommends the definition be left in 3.2.4 and that information on


Developed by Subcommittee: E05.22

Committee: E05

Staff Manager: Kevin Shanahan

Work Item Status

Date Initiated: 08-23-2007

Technical Contact: Marcelo Hirschler