Fall 2020 Technical Committee Meeting Information

    ASTM International leadership had to make the tough decision to cancel all in-person meetings for the remainder of 2020. However, the important work of standards development has continued throughout these uncertain times. As we move forward with our fall technical committee meetings, we wanted to provide some helpful information to maximize participation through the ASTM preferred virtual meeting platform, WebEx.

    To view the status of your committee's next meeting and find the WebEx links to participate (where available), search by committee on www.astm.org/MEETINGS.

    Note: WebEx has three different virtual centers (Meetings, Training, and Event). Be sure to select the Users Guide that corresponds with the type of WebEx you’re joining (clarify with your ASTM administrative assistant if you’re not certain).

    Members should click here to download a members' guide to using WebEx meetings.

    ASTM staff does offer WebEx Training for members. To join a training, please visit www.astm.org/MEMBER_TRAINING/#WebEx to sign-up.

    WebEx Training for ASTM Members

    All times shown are in the eastern time zone. Click on links to register.

    Sep 9 at 11:00am by Ashley Wiand

    Sep 30 at 10:00am by Travis Murdock

    Oct 12 at 1:30pm by Kelly Paul

    Oct 19 at 1:00pm by Kristy Straiton

    Nov 12 at 1:30pm by Nora Nimmerichter

    Nov 23 at 11:00am by Molly Lynyak

    Nov 30 at 1pm by Jen Tursi

    Technical Support for WebEx Meetings

    If you are experiencing technical difficulties trying to access a WebEx meeting, there are a number of options. If your staff manager has provided you with a point of contact, use them first.

    If for some reason the contact provided by your staff manager is unavailable, or you don’t have this information, contact Laura at 610-832-9696 or email lklineburger@astm.org.

    Additionally, WebEx does have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to assist you. That page, with several other options for assistance, is available at https://help.webex.com/en-us/.