La colección de normas ASTM para construcción en español

The ASTM Construction Standards Collection – Español

Get access to Spanish Translations for the most popular construction standards!

This collection includes several of the most referenced ASTM standard test methods, practices, and specifications developed by ASTM International Committees:

C01 - Cement
C04 - Vitrified Clay Pipe
C07 - Lime and Limestone
C08 - Refractories
C09 - Concrete and Concrete Aggregates
C11 - Gypsum and Related Building Materials and Systems
C12 - Mortars and Grouts for Unit Masonry
C13 - Concrete Pipe
C14 - Glass and Glass Products
C15 - Manufactured Masonry Units
C16 - Thermal Insulation
C17 - Fiber-Reinforced Cement Products
C18 - Dimension Stone
C21 - Ceramic Whitewares and Related Products
C24 - Building Seals and Sealants
C27 - Precast Concrete Products
C28 - Advanced Ceramics
D04 - Road and Paving Materials
D07 - Wood
D08 - Roofing and Waterproofing
D18 - Soil and Rock
E06 - Performance of Buildings
E17 - Vehicle - Pavement Systems
E33 - Building and Environmental Acoustics

From Section 4: Construction – Featuring specifications and test methods that establish the property requirements and measurement procedures for hydraulic cements, including portland, natural, pozzolanic, masonry, rapid hardening, and slag. It includes standards that define the appropriate qualities of lime and limestone and how to analyze them for environmental and industrial uses.

Included are standards that address gypsum and related building materials and systems, including application procedures and related accessories, including exterior insulation and finishing systems (EIFS).

As well as standards on concrete and concrete aggregates, curing materials, grout, and expansion joint fillers. These standards address abrasion testing, fluid penetration, chemical admixtures and reactions, concrete for radiation shielding, evaluation of data and laboratories, NDT, in-place testing, petrography, self-consolidating concrete, pervious concrete, and more.

Some featured standards include mortar and grout for masonry construction and manufactured masonry units. Featured specifications for concrete pipe, joints, manholes, vitrified clay pipe, clay drain tile, fiber-reinforced cement products, and precast concrete products.

This collection includes some specifications, tests, and practices that examine the properties of various road and paving materials and explain how to measure their characteristics.

They cover aggregates, asphalt mixtures, bridges, and structures; as well as highway traffic materials such as retroreflective sheeting and pavement markers.

It also includes some standards on vehicle-pavement systems, including field methods for measurement of tire pavement friction, measurement and control of roughness in construction and rehabilitation of pavements, surface characteristics related to tire pavement slip resistance, and tire characteristics.

Also featured are some geotechnical and geoenvironmental standards that cover soil testing. Topics include compaction, sampling, field investigation, cyclic and dynamic properties, soil texture, plasticity, density characteristics, hydrological properties, hydraulic barriers, and rock for erosion control. Other standards focus on ground water and vadose zone investigations, and how to measure the properties of soil-cement.

Translated standards are continuously added to this collection every year. Once part of the collection, a translated standard is maintained up to date with the English version.

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Developed by Committee: C09