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Carlos a. Zamora-Turriago
Intern at Aeronáutica Civil,
Bogota, Colombia
"I am sure that using ASTM standards helps one to achieve quality improvement in any process and also to optimize work time and results."
Q. Were you studying in school when you first heard about ASTM International?
A. I am a seminar student at the Universidad Los Liberatadores in Bogotá, Colombia, where I earned my B.S. degree in aeronautical engineering in December 2006. This is where I first heard about ASTM standards.
Q. In what courses were ASTM standards presented?
A. I have attended seminars on the topic of nondestructive testing (NDT). In these seminars the standards and regulations that use these tests were reviewed.
Q. With what ASTM standards are you familiar?
A. At this time, I am working on a project that involves nondestructive tests for penetrating ink and magnetic particles. Because of this project I am familiar with E 1417 and E 1444.

Q. Do you think you will use ASTM standards in your workplace?
A. I am certain I will use the standards in my work. In the aeronautical field, the strict fulfillment of quality standards obliges us to seek perfection in the maintenance and quality control of aeronautic products. For this reason ASTM standards are a great tool and part of the job.
Q. What is your impression of ASTM standards?
A. I believe that information on the existence of ASTM standards should be better disseminated among the student population. After all, ASTM standards aid in the quality processes for aeronautics, but also in many more sectors.
Q. Do you think the use of ASTM standards has advantages?
A. I am sure that using ASTM standards helps one to achieve quality improvement in any process and also to optimize work time and results.
Q. What do you think is the value of developing ASTM standards?
A. It seems to me that participating in the development of ASTM standards involves a great deal of responsibility and topical knowledge, therefore the people involved in the development of the standards should be professionals with sufficient experience to contribute to the improvement of standards. In this way, one manages to see all the worthwhile experience reflected in the development and improvement of standards that many people utilize.
Q. Why did you become an ASTM International student member?
A. I became a student member as a result of working on this University project on nondestructive testing.