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Tell Your Story
We’d like to hear from our student members about your experiences with and exposure to standards.

Please email your answers to the following questions regarding your experiences with ASTM standards to Jim Olshefsky, ASTM International Director of External Relations.

1. Did you first hear about ASTM standards while studying at your university?
2. If so, in which courses were the ASTM standards introduced?
3. If not at the university, how did you become familiar with ASTM standards?
4. Which ASTM standards are you familiar with now?
5. Do you have a general idea as to how ASTM standards are developed?
6. Do you think you will be using ASTM standards in the workplace?
7. What is your impression of ASTM standards?
8. Do you think that there are benefits to using ASTM standards?
9. Do you think that there are benefits to being involved in the development of standards at ASTM International?
10. Why did you become a student member of ASTM International?
Student Viewpoint
“I am sure that using ASTM standards helps one to achieve quality improvement in any process and also to optimize work time and results.”
Carlos Alberto Zamora Turriago
Undergraduate Student, Aeronautical Engineering, Institución Universitaria Los Liberatadores, Bogotá, Colombia

Carlos' views here