Enhancing Your Role as Standards Professional

    ASTM partnered with Jeffrey Strauss of Northwestern University to prepare four articles on what it means to be a Standards Professional. Students will benefit from learning why Standards Professionals are critical to a company, industry and society as a whole.

    Four part series on “Enhancing Your Role as a Standards Professional”:

    Part 1: The Elevator Speech

    You know your participation in standards development is critical to your company, but does your company recognize this? Do you have the support and resources you need? Here’s how to develop a quick summary of what you do and what you need that top-level executives will hear and understand.

    Part 2: Maximizing Input into Strategic Planning

    By providing input into roadmapping and scenario planning, you can make your technical committee work relevant to your company’s strategic plan.

    Part 3: Maximizing the Value of Your Participation in Standards Development

    A mindmap can help standards professionals to assess the complex connections of standards development, business benefits and the details of both: here’s what to consider.

    Part 4: Defining and Building Skills and Attributes

    How to define and build the skills and attributes of a successful standards professional.